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Holy Matrimony

Damn it! Anothers Claims Community...

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Welcome to Holy Matrimony

This community was originaly created to marry any celebrity you could possibly think of... but later became a community to marry... well, anyone. Including Lj users, actors, singers, dancers, ect.

This is an open community and I would like to keep it that way. This means you must respect everyone in the community and do not create *real* drama between each other.

Not only is this a claims community but also an alternate reality. Make posts about your new life, your new partner, babies, houses, honeymoons, everything! Just remember to follow the rules...


1) Only One claim per person... I mean who would get married to two people?

2) You can claim... anyone... actors, actresses, authors, dancers, singers, even other lj users! We promise not to tell...

3) Check the claims list before trying to claim anyone. If the person is taken... you must choose another. No fear, around here, nobody stays married to the same person for long.

4) Do you not post claims on anyone in the comments, as they may not be seen. Who would want to half-ass their wedding day anyhow?

5) Once somone has been claimed he/she cannot be claimed again (I already said this... didn`t I?)

6) You must be a member to claim.. what could it hurt?

7) No insulting/targeting other members.

8) Just have fun with this... make sure you post to let everyone know how your marriage is doing! Include details if it makes you happy... but post graphic content behind a cut.

9) If you leave the community your claims will be back up for grabs... Yay! Sloppy seconds for everyone!
And, btw, let us know if you're leaving. It really is a pain in the a** to have to go through all those lists.

10) You must be with your husband/wife 1 month before you can get divorced and re-married. But hopefully you'll fall madly in love and it will last for 60 years, no?

Claims list will be updated daily.


If you have any questions/comments on this community, please contact your moderators: irish_turkey ♥ and ♥ bleedblackblood.