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Holy Matrimony [entries|friends|calendar]
Holy Matrimony

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[03 Aug 2009|09:30pm]


I'd like to be hitched to Bradley Cooper
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Contact me [30 Mar 2009|04:55pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Have questions? Want to be anonymous? Well send me your questions. It is safe and your identify will not be given out. If your question is chosen it will be posted to </a></b></a>tswithtammysmth along with a response. A private response will also follow. All topics are welcome. From the weird to the norm, fetishes, fun, family or just a person to vent to. Visit me here on LJ or email me at   T.S.with TammySmith@gmail.com


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claim [27 Mar 2009|03:46pm]

[ mood | mischievous ]

I married Robert Pattinson

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Marrying my sweetie! [16 Dec 2008|03:14am]

[ mood | loved ]

I'm going to marry The Doctor [Ten] from Doctor Who (otherwise known as Ten, or The Tenth Doctor, The Doctor, or "Sweetie" *giggle*)

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[16 Feb 2006|04:44pm]

Hey guys ♥
Just wanted to let you know I'm leaving.
I had a beautiful marriage while it lasted, but.. I've found someone else.
*pets Oliver*

Thanks for the fun.
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[27 Jan 2006|09:05pm]


I want to marry padgy
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Claiming [23 Jan 2006|11:45am]

Hi, I'm new and I'd like to claim/marry/wed/whatever Mr. Colin Firth a.k.a. Mr. Darcy.

Hello to you from the land of fire and ice = Iceland
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[30 Dec 2005|04:53pm]

I would like to marry (claim) Dale Earnhardt Jr. Thanks!
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Finally updated the claims list. [27 Nov 2005|02:03pm]

[ mood | harrassed ]

I know it's been months since either I or _sheisbleeding updated the list. There was a point in time that neither of us had internet access. She still doesn't and I've only recently gained it. So this is what I've come up with based on the last list created and recent additions. The main claims list webpage has also been changed.

Please let me know if anything is wrong, such as you claim not being added/being deleted, you now go by a new user name, etc. I apologize ahead of time for any mistakes.

ClaimsCollapse )

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Eee new member [23 Aug 2005|11:23pm]

Hi, i'm new here.

And anyways, I would like to claim Patrick Stump because his eyes are priddy.

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[16 Aug 2005|08:02pm]

I would like to divorce grossinc. I've been meaning to for a long time, I've just forgotten until now.
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Marrying... [03 Aug 2005|06:44pm]

[ mood | loved ]

I would like to marry Kirsty, flyingsaucers

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[30 Jun 2005|05:13pm]

I would like to marry Bert McCracken from the used
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Claim. [26 Apr 2005|06:47pm]

I'd like to be hitched to Billie Joe Armstrong. <33
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[16 Apr 2005|06:59pm]

OIOI. I wanna marry Ray toro please.
Yeah, i claim him.
Buahaha. The afro does it for me
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[12 Apr 2005|12:05am]

Hi!! May I please marry Jason Bateman? :^)
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[10 Apr 2005|07:17pm]
New user name, so can you change my name on the claims list to knife_to__heart

Oh & I have Sonny Moore claimed
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[05 Apr 2005|01:05pm]

i'd like to marry martin truex jr!
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[28 Mar 2005|12:58pm]

can i please please please marry Hugh Laurie?
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[24 Mar 2005|06:25pm]
As of now (March 24,2005,Thursday @ exactly 6:26 PM) I have been engaged to SONNY MOORE
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